Valentine’s day gift ideas

Valentine's day gift ideas

There’s nothing wrong with picking out your own Valentine’s day gift. So let this lovely trio inspire you.
If you go with quality delicate jewellery that stands the test of time, you’ll never be out of style.


Christmas gift wrapping inspiration

creative gift wrapping ideas

Who doesn’t love receiving a present that’s selected and wrapped with care?

How you wrap a gift is a lot like packaging design and branding. First impressions matter, and presentation can make or break your presents. So why not treat gift wrapping as importantly as the actual gift giving by adding a unique and personal touch to your presents.

Here are 9 of my favourite ideas for those in need for some last minute gift wrapping inspiration.

creative gift wrapping ideas

There are plenty of original wrapping papers, graphic stickers, creative labels, glittery ribbons and fun masking tapes to make your presents stand out. Or go “shopping” outside and spruce up your gifts with elements of nature. Sometimes a simple detail can make all the difference.

creative gift wrapping ideas

1. Recycling perfection. Magazine paper is perfect for wrapping small items like jewellery boxes. From www.readingmytealeaves.com.
2. Say it with a picture. Image from www.artifactuprising.com.
3. This lovely gift from www.nympheasfactory.com proves that a touch of gold is always a winner.
4. Who doesn’t love panda bears? Wrapping paper from Eef Lillemore, available at www.mollymeg.com.
5. With a gift wrapped like this, who cares what’s inside. Image from www.folkandfest.com.
6. This present made by www.ghirlandadipopcorn.com is pure magic.
7. A feather, a dymo and some tissue paper is all that’s needed to make this pretty package. Image from annixen.blogspot.be.
8. This diamond wrapping paper made by www.anmagritt.no might create some expectations.
9. Love this pine-tree themed gift by www.kellimurray.com.


9 autumn wants

9 autumn wants

As much as I love summer, I’d have to say autumn is my favourite season. Warm hues, candles, pumpkin recipes and the cosiness of a scarf or a blanket.

Here are a few things I will be lusting over this autumn. My original list was much longer, but I managed to narrow it down to these 9 items. Enjoy!

1. A dainty leaf necklace from Delika’s delicate jewellery collection.
2. This lovely ethnic, soft coloured rug from House Doctor.
3. It has a vintage feel to it, this pretty headband from Sessùn.
4. Oh grasshopper, hop over to my living room please.
5. Simple sophistication from Danish brand Custommade.
6. This leaf bookmark from Tom Dixon is such a great gift for any bookworm
7. Cute and comfortable Mini Mocks, handmade in Sweden. For my baby girl.
8. A perfect basket from House Doctor to store blankets, toys or magazines.
9. This Munio Candela candle must be the nicest smelling candle ever.


Jewellery on display



If all of your jewellery is stashed away in drawer or a box, it’s easy to forget to wear some of your beloved items. It’s a simple truth: out of sight, out of mind. Having your jewels out in the open is a great way to remind yourself of the pieces that you own. If you see your jewellery, you’ll wear it.

Since jewellery often has a personal meaning, tells a story, or captures an emotion, it makes for a very personal display.

Imm Living’s porcelain jewellery holders are a sophisticated yet quirky solution to store and display your necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. The Canadian design company creates inspired pieces for the home that are whimsical without being tacky.

Looking for a gift that’s sure to garner some attention? Look no further.Imm-Living_Duello_jewellery_holder1_niet-uitgesneden

If you’re into the white and gold combination, this one’s for you.



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