Jewellery on display



If all of your jewellery is stashed away in drawer or a box, it’s easy to forget to wear some of your beloved items. It’s a simple truth: out of sight, out of mind. Having your jewels out in the open is a great way to remind yourself of the pieces that you own. If you see your jewellery, you’ll wear it.

Since jewellery often has a personal meaning, tells a story, or captures an emotion, it makes for a very personal display.

Imm Living’s porcelain jewellery holders are a sophisticated yet quirky solution to store and display your necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. The Canadian design company creates inspired pieces for the home that are whimsical without being tacky.

Looking for a gift that’s sure to garner some attention? Look no further.Imm-Living_Duello_jewellery_holder1_niet-uitgesneden

If you’re into the white and gold combination, this one’s for you.



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